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Privacy Policy

Welcome to The sole purpose of the Service offered to consumers is to inform, through location-based Advertisements, about promotions/discounts on food products available for sale.

“9320-5268 Quebec Inc.” or “Eatizz” (“Company”) is committed to protecting the personal information of its Customers. The Company has developed this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) to provide information regarding the Company's approach to the management and control of personal information collected in the course of its business.

Purpose and Scope of the Policy

This privacy policy describes how we collect, use and disclose your personal information and how this personal information can be consulted and corrected when necessary. This policy also explains how cookies and/or log files are used on our Website and/or mobile application

By visiting (the “Eatizz Website”) or our Application (the “Eatizz App”), contacting us or agreeing to receive emails from Eatizz, you accept the terms and conditions of this policy.

This policy does not extend to websites and/or mobile applications operated by third parties. Eatizz is therefore not liable for their privacy policies, procedures and practices.

Personal Information Collected

A. Information that you send us

We collect your personal information in several ways including but not limited to:

  • Use of Eatizz Website;
  • Use of Eatizz App;
  • Opening of account and subscription to our services;
  • Communicating by telephone or by email with Eatizz or one of its representatives, directors, employees or agents;
  • Posting on social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.);

Depending on the circumstances, personal information may include, without limitation, your first and last name, contact information (street address, electronic address and telephone number) and preferences for products and businesses (the “Personal Information”).

B. Personal Information provided on our Eatizz Website and Eatizz App

We also collect Personal Information when visiting the Eatizz Website or when using the Eatizz App. Personal Information collected may include your IP address, operating system, connection location, the date, time and duration of your visits as well as web pages visited, and queries.

Our Eatizz Website and Eatizz App, like most other commercial websites, also use cookies. These are files that are installed on your computer hard drive and/or web browser in order to collect information such as your language of preference, browsing history and browser type and version, all for the purpose of optimizing your experience on the Eatizz Website and/or the use of the Eatizz App.

These cookies cannot be used to extract Personal Information. You may adjust browser settings to block cookies. However, disabling cookies on your browser could adversely affect your browsing experience on the Eatizz Website or the use of the Eatizz App.

Use and Communication of your Personal Information

We use and disclose your Personal Information mainly:

  • To allow Eatizz to provide you its services
  • To send you correspondence;
  • For the purposes of marketing, advertising, contests or promotional offers;
  • For any other purposes authorized or required by law

When we disclose your Personal Information to third parties, we take reasonable measures to ensure that the rules set forth in this Policy are complied with by third parties.

Right to Access and Correct

The obtained Personal Information will be kept on our servers and the persons that will have access to it will necessarily working at or with Eatizz.

We undertake to recognize the right to access and rectify to persons desiring to consult, modify or even strike information regarding them. They may do so by sending a request by email:

All request to access and rectify must be accompanied with satisfactory proof of identity.


Personal Information obtained will be stored in a secured environment. All persons working at or with Eatizz shall respect the confidentiality of your Personal Information. To ensure the security of your Personal Information, we will take the following measures:

  • Network access – authorized person;
  • Network access – concerned person;
  • Computer backup;
  • Username / password;
  • Firewall;

We undertake to maintain a high degree of confidentiality by integrating the latest technology to ensure the confidentiality of your Personal Information. However, since no mechanism offers maximum security, a share of risk is always present when the Internet is used to transmit personal information.


This Privacy Policy may be amended without notice. This policy was last updated on or about October 10, 2016.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on or about October 10, 2016.