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Our philosophy

Eatizz is a concept that fits in its own time. More and more companies are expected to be environmentally responsible and embrace a sustainable behavior in order to preserve exploited resources.

In the food industry, intensive agricultural production often causes environmental problems on different levels (soil, water and air pollution) but also costs us on a technological perspective with machinery, and on an economical perspective with labor. In developed countries, roughly 40% of the food produced is thrown away*.

By reducing food waste, we could save up almost half of what is produced, therefor heading towards a more preserved environment.

Beyond environmental pollution, we also face a food distribution problem as the planet's natural resources should be able to, without producing more, feed the 800 million people struggling to eat healthily.

Eatizz is an application that embraces a win/win model, aiming for a change in our society's mentality; the importance of reducing food waste. Our online app allows consumers to receive free information to buy cheaper consumer products and professionals to communicate their offers quickly.

*FAO Statistic (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

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